Were his motives to just flirt with me and leave after summer is over?

I've posted about the guy I like before. Well, I know he's been flirting with me a lot and I was pretty sure he liked me, and I made it quite clear I liked him I thought. I thought things were actually going in a good direction the last time I had worked with him. Well today I find out he's going to college like 2-3 hours from here (cause I was nosey and was reading a list of who was going to still work where I do after summer is over, etc, and his name was under the 'not sure' column) . It said he's going to IU and granted, there is a branch of IU here but that is usually referred to as IPFW, so it makes me question his motives. Would a guy honestly flirt with a girl and actually get to know her through work (without hanging out with her) and then just leave when summer is over, without any real intentions? Like, I don't know. I know he talks to other girls we work with, but I felt like he treated me different, as in just the fact we talked more about different stuff and he asked me questions to get to know me. I kind of just want to ignore him at work the next 3 days, but I don't know if I am overreacting or assuming something (like whether he actually did want a relationship and I'm overreacting and assuming he just wanted a fling or someone to flirt with to pass the time at work). I thought maybe he just flirted because of boredom, but I don't know why he'd bother getting to actually know me if all he wanted to do was flirt and wasn't interested in things I do, or my life, etc. Like he has seriously asked me my hobbies, what kind of concerts I go to, and questions like that you'd normally ask to get to know someone. I'm just so confused. Advice?


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  • He might have just wanted to get to know you as a friend. When he leaves he stil might want to keep in contact with you. If not don't worry about it. I;m sre he didn't wake up one morning and sya "I think I am going to flirt with a girl and make her like me then leave." he might have started flirting with you because he wanted to go out with you, but then his plans changed about his future. Maybe he likes the other college better. You never know. Don't read too much into things.

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