What's the worst drunk text you ever sent/received?

What happened after? I just sent the worst drunk text and I am COMPLETELY mortified! =X


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  • When I broke up with my last girlfriend after about 2 years of dating, I received a message half incomprehensible that commented on how she had f***ed my friend while we were dating.

    Now, some would find this hurtful, I found it funny. The particular friend she was talking about is completely gay (though private about it). I could put him in a room with thirty nude women anxious to satisfy the urge, and he'd talk about the weather. Needless to say, I didn't respond. I just felt bad I hadn't ended it earlier.


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  • I've never sent a drunk text. The worst one I received was from my x-wife telling me her..."friends wanted me to come over and F**k her". Her friends were there. It was years after our divorce...I was with my G/F...it was 2 in the morning...it was very rude.

    She didn't remember even sending it until I called her the next day and told her that what she did was totally not cool. Then she looked at her Sent messages and started to cry.

  • Get ready to gather the fruit... Oh yeah


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  • LOL

    I have self controll when I'm drunk. So I don't send anything. At least not anything I wouldn't send normaly. My regular texts are far from boring, but I'm never say anything stupid.

    Sometimes I will use the drunk texts of others to me against them, or to get something I want or ust tease them about it if I'm in the mood. Nothing really suprises me anymore. I just angle the situation to my advantage. Don't hate the player, blame yourself for not knowing how to controll your liquer like a lady/gentleman.

  • I'm more of a drunk Facebooker than a drunk texter but when I was a freshman in college I sent this guy a drunk Facebook message saying he was hot but not as hot as me. I was mortified in the morning when I woke up and realized what I'd done but due to the several misspellings he realized I was drunk and just laughed it off

    • Hahaha! Aww! Yeah my friend took my phone and wrote on this guy's wall about how rude his Facebook status was. Mind you it was under my account. And I haven't talked to the guy in ages!!

  • Thank God I don't drink

    • Uhhhh that doesn't answer the question.

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    • How do you not drink? Maybe the culture is vastly different there, but you really can't be all that social without drinking on occasion.

    • Arics, how I don't drink? That's how I was raised and I'm thankful for that....you said that I can't be social without drinking on occasion, and you are COMPLETLY wrong.... I don't drink and I don't need to, I'm naturaly happy and I don't feel I need that in any occasion... ;)

  • my friends with benefits txtd me that he wanted me to prove how much I loved him by f***ing his best friend.

    • Woahhhh. What did you say to that?