Wondering why?

So I'm 16 never been kissed and never had a guy like me. It's hard hanging around you're called much prettier friends according to everyone else. I a great person to be around I have a great personality and I'm really outgoing...yet it just seems I'm not what guys are looking for


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  • First off let me just you are soooo cute. I'm in love with you (lol) and you seem like a cool a really cool guy.

    First your not the only one person I'm positive that there are other people who are in your situation. Never been kissed, neve had a boyfriend/girlfriend so don't feel bad. I think if you want a guy or a kiss you gotta go after it. Take control. Don't just wait for a guy to come to you or elesi t's just going to be along and lonely wait. If you see someone you like go up to him get to know have a conversation and you gotta play it cool. Be yourself and use that outgoing personality of yours. If your lucky and you guys hang out a lot and going on dates and he's being really affectionate give it at least 5-7days before you kiss him. If he kisses you first then that great. But remember if you want a guy you have to take control. You lead the dance

  • I'm 16 too, never had a boyfriend, never been kissed...

    and my friends and I ask the same question...

    we eeven asked our guy friends,they said its because we are playing TOO hard to get..

    they like the easy girls now, but later theyll be beggin' for you:)