Why would a girl not call a guy back?

Why would a girl not call a guy back after having a great time - besides the obvious answer that she is just not that in to you - there are other reasons why you do this girls? I have been driving myself crazy for weeks !


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  • I just came across a similar question and I am going to post similar advice. I am 41 and have just finished reading the book "He's Just Not That Into You" and have just started reading the book "The Rules". Us women are being told to play hard to get. We're being told not to return your calls. We're being told to act indifferent, be unpredictable. We're told that anything else appears desperate. I personally HATE this, and just wish everybody would be up front and honest with each other about what they want and how they feel so we could all stop wasting each other's time. Of course I am 41 and still single so apparently my way hasn't been very successful. You sent a text and left one voicemail. "The Rules" tell women to rarely return his phone calls and definitely not to return the first call. Maybe give her another call and if you get her voicemail just leave a casual message saying you'd love to hear from her but say that you don't want to keep bothering her and say that if you don't hear back from her you'll assume she's not interested (say it all very nicely). She could be dying inside wondering if you're going to call again, or she could be not interested. I think this is the only way to find out. It's the not knowing that's the worst! I know...

    • Maybe that is true - but it is weird, she is the one that came after me, why would she do that and then when we get together and make plans to see each other again suddenly dissaspear. I am scared to send another message or call cause that might make me look desperate and everyone says that the more you call and text the more available it will make you seem. I just don't get it.

  • she may be thinking the same thing about you that you are thinking about her...usually a girl wants the guy to call her...she is probably paranoid about why you haven't called her yet and wants you to initiate the first phone call. go for it!

    • Thanks for the response - I forgot to mention that I sent her a text a day after we got together and then called her a few days later and left a voicemail. No response

    • Ok.hmmm she could be busy, but don't think about it too much, if she lost interest already, you just shouldn't waste your time thinking about it

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