Good Ideas For the First Date?

I have recently started talking to this guy, and we have been talking about hanging out and going on a date. We both told each other we were starting to like each other also. We kind of met twice but didn't really talk, because both of us were shy,but then online we started talking about, and decided to Go on a date sometime.

What are some Great First date plans? Opinions please


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  • I think the first date (or any date really) is really about spending time with each other. While going to the movies is a common one, I dislike it as you don't get to actually talk or communicate with the other person, you're both kind of focused on the movie. That said, it does allow for non-verbal communication, hands can touch and hold in the dark without the awkward

    I've found (and this is just personal preference) that walking together, through a park or lake, somewhere with nice views. You can walk and talk or sit somewhere nice and just spend time with the other person, which is why you went on the date in the first place. Eating together is also a common date; If cash is tight, you don't need to go 5-star restaurant, even pizza together is okay, because it's not what you're eating, it's that you're doing it, and enjoying it, together. Another good one for summer that's thrifty: Ice cream. On a hot sunny day, ice cream together and a walk; Great.

    If you have any mutual interests, or if your area has any activities, then maybe go do that.


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  • I agree with not going to the movies as a first date. Although, movie night at one of your houses is a good idea, cause even though you're focused a little on the movie, you can be more comfortable with eachother, and it's more intimate cause you don't have all those people around. Plus, you can always talk before or after the movie, since you're already at their house.

  • Celtics Lakers game !

    thats my type of fun !


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  • whatever you do- don't go to the movies.

    movies=0 conversation. you want to get to know the guy ..that's what first dates are for. keep it simple. ice cream, dinner, coffee... or even bowling.