Are my standards too high?

so my best friend always tells me that my standard are too high and very unrealistic but i don't see why she would say that..

I would like my boyfriend to be a very sweet person but manly at the same time. I want him to be a guy I can goof around with but also a guy i can talk with whenever one of us is upset. I want him to be a positive person that instandly cheers me up when I see him and someone that just makes me feel complete. It's also important to me that he gets along with my family and friends and that I get alog with his family and friends too.

Are my standards too high?

When it comes to looks I want someone that has a similar type and similar features like Logan Henderson.. (to clear things out i obviously don't want someone to look like logan because that would be very unrealistic if not impossible)
I would like him to be taller than him and have an average body.

When it comes to me, I'm 5'4" tall have a slim body.. I don't really know if I am incredibly pretty (some people think that but I'm sure some people don't) but i once was rated a 7. I am a very goofy person and I like to see other people happy and make them laugh. :)

so ist it unrealistic to meet a guy like that?
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Obviously I also want him to be loyal and truthful
Are my standards too high?
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