Can a girl pay for a guy to make it look like a date?

I know that guys usually pay for girls when it's supposed to be a date, but what if a girl pays for a if they go to get coffee or something. Would a guy consider it a sign that she thinks it's a date?


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  • If you make it clear that it's not a date so that is why you are paying for it then, I would accept that from a female friend(it's only coffee).

    But if you want it to be a date, then just grab the bill and say, "I got this one, you can have the next one"(smile and even wink if your a winker). This is a nice subtle way for you to hint that, this isn't the last time you want to see him, so it would be difficult for him to not think it's a date(at least it would be for me).

  • It could work as a sign for a date, but it depends on the guy and girl.


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