Why am I unlucky with women?



Just maybe some advice (preferably from female) but all welcome. This is my first post so thought I'd ask a genuine question.

OK my question is why do I fail at so many relationships?

I'm 32 year old man, I'm employed, have a home and I'm a very responsible person, I can cook very well, take care of my health and I'm loving father to my five year old daughter. I like to consider myself as outgoing person, adventurous but a family man at the same time. I've been told I'm a good looking guy by many women but for some reason I just can't hold a relationship that is meaningful with commitment.

I've had quite a few relationships where I've been honest, expressed and shown effection to my partner.

My flaws: (think it's important to add)
-I'm not rich
-I don't own a car
-can come across as argumentive if I believe I'm right.
The long term relationships I'm always told that they want to settle down, they love me and are happy however some just decide they don't want a relationship anymore and often get blocked on social media etc.

Why am I unlucky with women?
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