Relafionship going to hell please help?

i know everyone is gping to just give me to give me the same advise.. to just leave and try to move on, but its really hard for me. i dont wamt to leave because when me amd my boy armt together i get really depressed and just obsess about him. i think i have issues. well i know i have issues. things haven't been going good lately and no matter what i do.. no matter how positive i am he finds a way to bring me down and feel worthless. constantly telling me to leave. constantly telling me that he's unhappy and im not the one for him. its just really depressing. and as much as i would love to just dip out amd go it feels physocally impossible, amd i just think of how i was feeling when he wasn't around. we both arnt happy though. i just want things to go back to how they were and i really dont know how to do that. i cry when im not with him, but also cry when i am. I don't know what to do. i wish there was a pill to take to just erase your memories amd forget everything. i know in my heart its not going to work. he tells me everyday im nothing and that he's done and he doesn't love me the same. ill cry to him, but it just makes him want to talk shit more. i just want to at least make it through to my birthday on the 16th. he isn't willing to go to counsiling.
Relafionship going to hell please help?
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