Is this a good way to crush my ex's ego?

This guy ended things with me because I didn't hike fast enough. I'm in good shape, 115lbs 5'5, really active (love sports), but was just tired and had cramps :( He also made comments about how girls shouldn't be invited hiking, which pissed me off. SO, I bought a weighted vest and started doing runs and hikes with it. I just act like we're still on good terms so that I can invite him on a hike in like a couple months and then out hike him and leave him in the dust. Then maybe point out at how he sucks at hiking. Is this an effective way to kill his ego? I think he needs some ego crushing. Also, I can do finger push-ups (I also rock climb) and I highly doubt he can, very sure I can beat him in arm wrestling so I think it's actually doable. He's like thin and lanky but can hike well. What do you think? I'm 21, he's 22.
Is this a good way to crush my ex's ego?
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