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I personally believe that on a date a man shouldn't spend much on a woman. I will only out of courtesy one time buy Her a soda and chips or a subway as we walk around the park talking to one another to get to know each other.

I don't believe in spending money on a woman who is not mine. Why should I? I will only spend money on my wife. As a matter of fact My bank account is hers because she my new family and wife. I believe in marriage til death do us part.

Girlfriend and Boyfriend are for 3rd graders. I believe in marriage and family. I believe once two people have a mental, emotional and spiritual connection, and have had 100% honest conversations about each other's pros and cons and expections they should get married ASAP. What's the point in waiting?

Some date for 10 years to get to know each other "Better" and marry, only to divorce within six months.
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Agree or Diasgree with me?
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