How should I act with this guy?

SO tomorrow I'm hanging out with a guy that I like for the first time one-on-one (hopefully; I didn't tell him to bring friends!)

The thing is he probably knows that I like him (I got drunk awhile back and told basically everyone at the party but him that I like him . He probably found out). Ever since then I still don't wanna give up on the guy but I feel dumb knowing that he probably knows. but he doesn't reciprocate the feelings (at least I don't think he does) Anyways, we are hanging out tomorrow and even if there's no chance of him liking me back, I think he's a cool and fun guy whom I'd like to be friends with anyways and I don't want him to feel weird with me because he knows I like him already! (if he ends up liking me back, GREAT, if not, I still wanna hang out!)

My question is: How should I be acting with him when we have our one-on-one time? Should I be completely platonic since this is our first time hanging out alone anyway and I don't want to freak him out, or, should I still give a little hint in some way that I'm interested? Can I still bounce back after humiliating myself when I was drunk and basically telling the guy that I like him?

Thanks :)


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  • You have to at least hint at what you want. The only other way to be happy is to stop hinting and grab life by the balls and take what you want.

    As far as your whole "liking" predicament. What are you, like 15 still? Really, your profile says 20, but you should be able to shake off such an embarrassment by now. This is something you should have mastered a while ago. Who cares if he knows you like him, what really matters is if you can get him to act on it, and that he follows through.

    You should be past the point of "bouncing back" and really should be starting to advance further with this guy, and seeing if he responds.

    You need to be able to blow things off (not like that, you perverts out there). If you can blow off a drunken accident, you will be able to blow off your advances on this guy during your 1on1 time. That is the best skill to learn.


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  • You can bounce back from anything.

    You had better do a little flirting to show some initial interest. and my reasoning is thus.

    It's better to put yourself out there, and feel embarrassed for a week, = friend for life.


    Keep things casual, he never gets the hint, = always asking "what if"

    tell him why you think that you would or would not work as a couple, and this will show him that you've put thought into this, and will show him that you are not a flake, looking for a short term fling.

    you'll be fine,


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  • Ok I see why you're so embarrassed. I would be too. BUT look at it this way - he probably DOES know you said that at the party and still he's agreed to meet with you one on one to spend some time. He wouldn't be doing that if he was weirded out by hearing you really liked him. He wouldn't' be anywhere near you. So I think that's a good sign. I think you should relax and enjoy your date. You should definitely act a little interested because that's why he's there. He heard you liked him and now he wants to meet with you. If you act platonic you'll confuse the hell out of hm!

    Relax and enjoy your date - he wouldn't be there if he didn't like you.