I am leaving him alone but he will not stop contacting me?

I met this guy last summer and went on trips with him. He was fun and met my friends. I didn't meet his but that is not the point. We stopped dating after a couple of months. After that, he constantly came back into my life by asking how I am doing, calling or texting me, being there for me. I showed him my interest but after he flaked on our dates for a couple of times, I just stopped ignoring him all together. He has been continually texting me and calling me even if I ignore him altogether. Why would I respond to a guy that I don't see? Any suggestion on what else I should do? He had 6 months to see me but never did and I have a strong feeling that if I continue to ignore him that he will start talking to one of my friends and she is not the type to let me know because he has dropped my stuff at her house without them both getting my permission first which made me feel very disrespected. Thank you, any response would be great!
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Also, I really like him and can't see him with anyone else. ESPECIALLY one of my friend.
I am leaving him alone but he will not stop contacting me?
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