Ladies, would you give this guy another chance?

There is a guy I have been talking to on/ off since June 2016, we have really good chemistry and the vibe is always good when were alone together. He has always been very sweet and gentle with me. We did some sexual things one night and he mentioned it to his best friend and since that time his best friend has been telling other people. The problem is his 'friends', they're calling me a skeezer and claiming the guy just wants to use me. So in a effort to avoid being hurt and ridiculed more I cut contact with this guy. The crazy part is the guy I like has been trying to get close to me for months and I honestly don't know what to make of it.

We recently talked and I found out the things his friends were doing he had no clue about it. He was visibly upset and wanted know if he still had a chance with me. Its clear to me that this guy really wants to be closer to me and test the waters but I am scared. He wants us to go with the flow but I have no clue what he means after all that happened.
Ladies, would you give this guy another chance?
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