He won't talk to me?

Hey I've got a question . . .

So this is my first boyfriend, and we've been dating for about 8 months now (we're both about 20 by the way). I've always been hesitant to be in a relationship but he was such a nice guy, so I gave it a shot. He was always fun to be around, laughing, making up scenarios and stories, always finding something to do.

One month before our spring term ended he started hanging out with me less and less. He would never hang out with me during the day anymore, only for about an hour at night just to watch something on TV and then go to bed. When summer break started and he went back home (2 hours away) we sort of talked for the first week. But now, a month later, he talks to me maybe once every three days, our "conversations" consisting of this:

"Hey. How are you?"

"Good, you?"


And that's about it. Earlier I've tried to keep talking to him but there's painfully long silences and he mostly answers in one-word sentences. I got sick of one-sided conversations so gave up and this 7-word communication is what I'm stuck in.

I've asked him if he's losing interest in me and he said "nope, I like dating you." and that was all he said on that. I did come up to his house for his birthday for a couple days, and sometimes he was really affectionate and fun like before, so I am confused as to why he doesn't talk to me! It seems like he's become indifferent on everything--he doesn't seem to smile anymore around me (he most definitely doesn't laugh), or show any emotion but indifference.

Besides one (terrible) relationship, I'm his longest girlfriend so far; he's gotten bored of girls usually at 1 month and he'd tell me because if he was bored, he would break up with me right away (he's told me this).

I was thinking maybe this is just what happens when boyfriends and girlfriends are separated by distance and that I didn't know because I've never dated anyone before, but my friends say they talked with their boyfriends almost every day--with real conversations! And that without communication, there is no relationship.

What do you think is going on? And what can I do? I'm getting terribly sick of feeling bad about this; I hate feeling bad. And it's a terrible blow to my independence to miss him when he doesn't miss me, since he's always been more affectionate in this relationship till now.


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  • Sounds like he's lost interest. Even though he claims he would end it if that happened, it still looks like that's what has happened.

    It sounds like you've done about all you can do with this relationship.


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  • Try address this issue with care...don't get suspicious...Let him know you ain't comfy with him being silent...Pour out your feelings (you might wanna do this via email or fb(inbox) and If this kind of thing persist and you feel you've had enough...Move on


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  • i was with a guy for 5 years and after the first 9 months of dating he acutally left me for my bestfriend. we ere young..ESPECIALLY his dumb butt,but stupidly I forgave him and the past couple of years have been great/rocky...every relationship has their ups and downs...right now I think its time for you let him feel like crap.you need to break things off,making it seem like you need time for yourself.believe me he will feel like crap because he's so used to hearing from you for those brief moments of the day,he wants to keep tabs on you if anything.take it from someone who made of mistake of giving her man toooo Many chances.let him know he's got something to lose.[our relationship just ended because I didn't gro balls and end it when he started acting like the way your Boyfriend is again. its sadddd how quick men lose interest.

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