Even ugly girls get dates while average guys are left with nothing?

I have always wanted to ask this question but here are thoughts of an older man on this:

"Here in the UK, it is not uncommon in my part of the country (NE England - near Middlesbrough) to see even the most ugly, overweight woman with a guy. Furthermore, I'm seeing ever more younger guys who are tall, i. e. at least 6 ft and in good physical shape, dating women that are around the same age but much lower on the attractiveness scale, mostly on account of their being hambeasts par excellence. It's obvious from this phenomenon that the dating market is heavily - pun intended - tilted towards women and I know from personal experience that there are quite a few incel guys who even the planetary sized girls don't want to touch with a bargepole. As an older man, I can still just about remember the time when fat girls would have struggled to get even beta boyfriends and would have had to settle for their equivalent sooner or later; those days now seem like but a very distant and almost utopian past in comparison to the dystopic dating scene of today.

One thing I've often wondered about, though, is how aware women are of the incel issue amongst men. Given how many dating options even the slim plain Janes and the frumps have at their disposal, do they ever stop to reflect what the implications of this are for men, i. e. that there is a sizeable surplus of guys left on the dating market unable to find even a fatty to date? As I'm not privy to the conversation of women, I really can only speculate here, although it would be fascinating to know what - if anything - women think on this matter. Has anybody on here ever been a fly on the wall overhearing females discussing this issue?"
Even ugly girls get dates while average guys are left with nothing?
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