Should I give up or should I just keep trying?

Me and this guy have been talking for 5 months, we work together. We didn't have sex until after a month of friendship where he told me that he wasn't over his ex (though they broke up 2 years ago) and he wanted to have sex with me and see where it went. He also said that he didn't want sex from me. After we had sex I told him that I would get attached. We haven't been on a date in awhile but he has tried. He tells me to call off from work so he can come over but I never do. He thinks I am having sex with someone else because he heard it from someone and he also doesn't trust me and he has told me that. I always tell him I'm not talking to anyone else and that I like him.

Im sure he is talking to other women, which is fine because we aren't in a relationship or anything, but should I keep trying or let it go. I asked him this before and he won't give me a response. 2 weeks ago I asked him if he wanted me to leave him alone because I was embarrassing myself with him and he said good quit it, I kept texting him to just give me a straight answer and he said I was bothering him and that every time he asks me to hang out I don't, but he flakes on me aswell.
After that I blocked him but he contiunes to contact me. He always however tells me that we are friends.

Im confused

If he knows I like him, maybe he likes me still but not as much? Or maybe he just wanted to fuck me still and won't just Come out and say that. I told him all we do is have sex we don't even hang out and he said we haven't gotten there yet...
but we have been talking for 5 months lol

I really need help because this really does hurt.
Should wait or stop
Should I give up or should I just keep trying?
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