Does my hookup want more?

so there are two schools basically put together where I go. they are two conjoined buildings except we all stay generally in our own schools. there is this boy from the other school who dated one of my friends last year. throughout their 5 month relationship him and I became best friends. I was in a year relationship and we would talk about everything including the sexual statuses of our relationships. so after him and my friend broke up he stopped talking to me because he thought I hated him because that was what my "friend" said. here we are 6 months later and I broke up with my year long boyfriend and he texted me and called me and we talked on the phone from 7 at night until midnight. it was like we never stopped being friends. after about a month of sharing every detail of our lives he started visiting my art class. this was my first period class so he would visit on his way to his classes. then one night we got together and we did some sexual things but we didn't actually go all the way. after that night he tries to make more of an effort to talk to me or see me in school, and he also snapchats and texts me 24/7. I will admit we have sent some risky snaps back and fourth and he called me cutie and stuff. the thing is if it was just a hookup wouldn't we have gotten over it by now? the only problem is that he is moving to California near the end of summer break so he has said he doesn't want a serious relationship just because of that. I will admit I do have some feelings for him, he makes me smiley and giggly and I make him laugh a lot. do you think I should ask him where we stand or wait for him to say something?
Does my hookup want more?
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