Did he play me or was he actually interested?

I met this guy back 6-7 months ago at a square dancing event which happens once a week. He asked me to dance and so I did. But I don't think he was interested then. Then we hit it off from there. One week I didn't make it out there which was the week his "date" ditched him for another guy. Then he became interested in me. Was I the second choice? Anyways, a while passed and then I asked for his snap. We had a snap streak of a while during his x-mad break. Then he magically stopped talking to me for about 2 weeks and then he talked to me again after I gotten over him then fell for him again. (Sorry if this is too long)
then he did it once again; where he quit talking to me and blamed it on his family problems but I call bullshit, it takes 2 seconds to send a Snapchat. But then I began to talk AGAIN to him, he never taken me on a date. I asked him twice "we should hangout sometime" and he said sure. He claims he never had time, but he had time to go to other swing dances and not asked me to go. But he also wrote me a letter, inviting me to a dance. (He hasn't gone to the country dance since Christmas break at this point) he said he liked me on snap, and said he was falling for me. But... why didn't we hang out? Then he surprised me at the dance, and I asked when the dance was and he said he had to work it :( Like fuck I was so excited to go to the dance and everything, I even wrote him back and he didn't write me back.. I then finally stopped trying with him, and he didn't chase after me. I can't get over him, will I ever find someone else? :'(
Did he play me or was he actually interested?
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