Pregnant Girlfriend has "secret" instagram, what now?

Me & my girl were dating for 6 months before she got pregnant (we been together 8 months now) it wasn't planned, but it happened & she wanted to keep the baby. When we first met she asked if i had facebook, instagram etc... i told her no as i'm not into that, i'm old fashioned i got my friends numbers in my phone & if i want to talk to them i will call or go see them. She told me she only had facebook.

last week we were looking after her nephew & he was watching some kids tv show on her phone, he clicked off the video & ended up on her web browser, the page happened to be some guys instagram profile. I decided to take phone & look further... she had a profile, & was following 90% male models most half naked & black.

I looked on her messages & there were messages from guys telling her she was sexy, hot, etc... & on some of the messages she would tell to them to come meet her at the bar she worked at. some before we met & some in first month we were dating. Ironically she told me i was only guy she had been out with from her work.

I confronted her & she tried to deny & when she couldn't deny further she apologised & said she would delete the account.

Ever since i have felt not right, i love this woman & trusted her completely & now i don't know what to do. She carrying my baby & i don't think she has cheated on me but i feel paranoid now. I had never looked on her phone before but yesterday i did while she was in bathroom & her facebook is full of guys. If i confront her again i'm in wrong for going on her phone but i feel like something is not right. Any input would be appreciated
Pregnant Girlfriend has "secret" instagram, what now?
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