Am I a bad person? Be honest?

I met my boyfriend over the internet. He is reasonably attractive and he is an army ranger. We have connected and he has fallen deeply in love with me after 1 year of speaking and meeting up. He has talked about marriage and kids while I am always scared of commitment. He talks about children and I feel deeply uncomfortable talking about it. He wants a lot of children while I do not want any. I also do not want to marry him because I don't think I can marry the military. It is a big commitment. I don't want to be a part of his army buddies, I don't want to attend his military balls and I don't want to speak to other military girlfriends because of unnecessary drama. Also, I don't want to worry about him while he is deployed so that my performance in work would be affected. But I play along and talk about kids and marriage.

You may be asking why I'm with this guy? I need him for emotional support. He is my rock and I constantly lean on him or rant out frustrations about training and work. He did a lot for me while I did very little for him. I want this relationship to continue until I am able to stand up on my feet. And then I might break up and find another person in my league in terms of work (a professional).
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Am I a bad person? Be honest?
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