My mom won't let me go out, even at my age?

She's overprotective and doesn't want me to date someone online. I don't go to school, so I can't lie and say they're from school. I've already tried talking to her and she doesn't even want me to leave the house without her. I've tried to explain to her that I'm an adult now and need to make my own choices. She proceeds to say I'm not ready and that what she says goes. I told her it's illegal to keep me here and she rolls her eyes and says "so?". She doesn't own the house we live in, I have my own key, I'm not asking to stay out until the morning, and so on. I have no one to speak to irl, besides my friend Skye, who says that her mom lets her go out whenever with her boyfriend and has even mentioned they might have sex and explained that she had both forms of protection (pill and condoms). What should I do? Is she in the right?
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My mom won't let me go out, even at my age?
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