If every girl says you're genuine but no dates! Does that mean I am ugly?

Every girl I know friend or not says am a genuine guy but none of them want to date me they all see me as friend material, actually it doesn't even seem to cross their mind there is no flirting at all.

So I've came to the conclusion that I must just be not good looking just nothing special when it comes to looks and even with my good company and good conversation etc... Doesn't make up for it.

Am I correct or not?


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  • It doesn't make up for it because you are missing things... You are a nice guy and nice guys finish last, plain and simple. You are in the friend zone because you "respect" women, treating them like they "want" to be treated, and you are too reliable. As backwards as this sounds, this is not the way to be when you are attracting a woman. It's not about conversation, it's about saying very little and letting her talk. It's not about being "friends" first, it's about the attraction and sealing the deal before it's too late. There is a certain window of opportunity that men have before a woman loses interest, and this is why flirting and making moves must take place. The sooner you make your move, the sooner you know if you are wasting your time or not. Looks are only a part of the deal. When you act like a friend, you are not showing interest. Once you are in the friend zone, there is no way back from that. Many guys have been taught garbage about treating women. It's not about treating them good, it's about being a MAN in their eyes. Women want a challenge, excitement, forms of drama, and a man that is going to take charge along with good looks and a form of charm. You have to change your game. Stop being so nice and caring because as experience shows it will get you nowhere. Don't be so reliable, don't be clingy, don't be sensitive. These are mistakes to make when you are trying to attract women. When a woman says she sees you as a friend or a brother, they are telling you that you messed up somewhere, they don't see themselfs having sex with you, and it's best to never talk to those women again because they selfishly want to keep you in their life for convience. Chemistry is more than just talking, it's physical. Watch what you say because women are always looking for reasons to "disqualify" men from everything. The less you say the better, it's keeps a mystery about you. The more a woman knows, the less she will be attracted to you sexually. The better you treat her, the more than likely that she will leave you. If it's too easy for a woman, she thinks that something is wrong. Womens and mens logic and views are different. Carry yourself different and become the alpha male.

  • I don't think so. Some girls say I'm good looking, but if you would ask the whole wide world, I guess opions would be devided. I look atractive to some group of women... but I will never have the world at my feet like Richard Gere (or whoever).Point is, if you want women to be interested in you it depends more on how you act when you are around them. Do you play to be best friend or do you toss in a flirt yourself? Women like men to take SPECIAL interest in them and I guess that is where the circle closes: If I like a woman, I'll take special interest in her! I suggest that is what you should do to!

    Flirt with her, try to get to know her, be nice and gentle. If she is intrigued enough and likes you too, you can go further from there.