Who has the biggest impact on the NBA Finals series thus far?

lets get away from dating and relationships for a moment !

and who you think will win it at the end ?

  • R.Rondo
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  • D.River
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  • Kobe Bryant
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  • P.Pierce
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  • P.Jackson
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how about now ?
congrats Lakers,

and Celtics were good as well.


Most Helpful Guy

  • kobe is too much of a ball hog this time and the rest aren't getting it done whaen he does give it to them so I don't blame kobe for taking so many shots. the celtics are on all cylinders though so they are my pick to win

    and rajon rondo is a beast too haha

    • Celtics are playing for a little pride now after last game so if they use that as some motivation, next game goes to them. but the lakers are getting confident now. as long as that doesn't turn to cockey, they will make the next game interesting

    • Lets wait and see

      i honestly wish its lakers'

    • I like college basketball more but I'm rooting celtics

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What Girls Said 2

  • I still believe that the Celtics have a chance yes they are the underdogs but they have a lot of potential:) this game 6 they didn't play up to par not just to win but they didn't play their game:( now in game 7 if they were to play like they did when they had the lead and kept the lead there shouldn't be a big problem with them walking away with the ring!

  • I honestly think the Celtics can take the title this year:) but I don't care much for the Lakers anyways but I believe Nate Robinson has been doing pretty darn good:))) at heart though I'm a Magic fan!


What Guys Said 3

  • I went with Rondo; he makes smart passes/assists and plays like a champ. I like Pierce too and he was especially awesome last night in game 5.

    I think the Celtics got this in 6, and I just want to add that the lakers suck hairy balls ...that is all.

    • Okay, now I think they got it in 7 .....IF they wake the f*** up before Thursday, Wallace doesn't get a technical, and Perkins can play. The lakers didn't win because they played that good, the Celtics just sucked balls tonight.

  • I'd say Rondo. The others have been hot and cold, but Rondo has been playing very well consistently. He makes great passes that make it possible for his teammates to put up big numbers. I think the Celtics will win Game 6 to close it out.

  • Kobe Bryant seems to hold the press box's attention and the center for the Lakers is playing well.