Do you let you S. O. hang out with your group of friends?

This question is directed to both males and females. I personally have always been comfortable with the guys I've dated chilling around my friends and they have always been cool with inviting me along to a several things that he'd do with his guys. However, recently talking with a group of friends, I've got many diffrent negative views on people saying that when their significant other knows their group of friends oh too welk, it can be a recipe for disaster. I've had people mention that there's no room for personal privacy and jealousy/cheating can happen. So I'm intrested to hear what others think and feel. When you're in a steady relationship with someone, are you comfortable with having them hang out with your group of friends? Or are you the type who believes that your group of guys/gals are strictly/mainly your friends only?

I let my significant other come and tag along for some certain things but only if I'm around as I don't wish for temptation to occur between my S. O. and a friend.
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Heck no, my group of friends provide me some time where I can chill without worrying about my S. O. and just do shit that we enjoy.
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We all hang out together all the time and my S. O has a good respectable friendship with my friends.
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I hang out with my S. O.'s group of friends all the time/sometimes but I don't care to hang out with his/her friends.
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Do you let you S. O. hang out with your group of friends?
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