I think I gave him the wrong number... should I go after him?

Hey guys, yesterday night i was out for a drink with a friend of mine and i met the bartender of the restaurant that we were at. After he finished working we went to another bar and had some drinks, but not to the point where we were drunk. When we finally left the bar, the guy came along with us, because he didn't want to leave us go home alone, and everything was really nice, the guy was really sweet and respectful and the whole night he was saying that he likes me and i liked him a lot too. So he walked with us for a while but then before he left, he asked me for my number and i did give my number. I was expecting him to text me that night but he didn't. All night i couldn't sleep because i was wondering why he didn't. In the morning i woke up and i had the feeling that i might have accidentally made a mistake when typing my number. I am really stressing out. I can't find him over social media, i only know where he works and when he works and i was thinking: Do you think i can go to his workplace today and honestly ask him if i gave him a wrong number or he just didn't text me. Please help me because i really liked this guy.
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So, thanks to everyone who answered. What i did was, i just went to the place he works and i already knew some people who also work there and i asked them if he is workin and where he is working (because its a 3 storey restaurant) and the person that i asked went and told him that i as there to see him and, after talking to the guy i was releaved because he didn't show anything negative, but instead i think he was glad to see me and later on he texted me and told me that he was happy to see me.
I think I gave him the wrong number... should I go after him?
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