Help! I lose interest as soon as they show their feelings 😂?

ok so I'm seeing someone who on the first date, the whole time I was thinking "omg this guy is so gorgeous why on earth is he on a date with me?" like I was 90% sure he was a catfish before he turned up because he's so attractive

on top of that he was really sweet and I was completely smitten but never expecting to hear from him again because I'm so incredibly average

so that was maybe like 3 weeks ago, we've seen a lot more of each other and to cut a long story short I've now completely lost all enthusiasm, he's still beautiful, still very sweet, the only thing that's changed is that he's recently been very open about how much he likes me

I don't want to be one of those people that just lives for the chase but this seems like a pattern that as soon as someone makes it clear that they like me I just really can't be bothered anymore

should I stop seeing him or just push through and hope my enthusiasm rears its head again

tldr: I think I'm a female fuckboy, I unwillingly lose interest when the chase is over, how do I find the use of my heart again?
Help! I lose interest as soon as they show their feelings 😂?
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