Do you think that he likes me?

There is a cute guy in one of my college classes. We make eye contact sometimes during class. throughout class I notice we copy each other's body language and his feet are pointed to me and mine at him. We both go to the gym after class nearly every day. One time, he walked past me on the walk to the gym, but then turned around to start conversation. He asked me if I would be running on the treadmill even though it was so nice outside. We talked the rest of the way to the gym. That only happened once. When we are at the gym, we make eye contact quite frequently. I go out of my way to look at him, but not in a stalker-y way and I do catch him looking at me and then we maintain eye contact for a second or two. One day I saw him in the dining hall and he was walking past me and was looking right at me. Last week was our last official class together not including the final. Our desks are set up in a U shape and he and I sit at opposite sides across the U. His friend sits at the base of the U. These girls on our class brought in donuts and the box was sitting by his friend. Neither him nor I took a donut but other people were taking them. So two minutes before class his friend said to him across the room "*his name*" and then did one of those pointing head nods up and to the right. The donuts were to his friends right, but the friend never looked at the donuts or pointed to the donuts. if he would have been pointing to the donuts, his head would have pointed right down (where the donuts were), which makes me question if he was pointing at me? then the guy I like said "I can't" with no further explanation which I don't really see as a normal response to being offered a donut... Do you think the cute guy could like me or no?
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Do you think that he likes me?
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