What's going on?

(We are in the same friend group) I was close friends with this guy for a few years. We would talk a lot &flirt. We both said we had feelings for each other & eventually decided to go out with each other. It went really well, then he text me one time saying he didn't feel the same about a relationship anymore but will remain close friends as promised. A 'friend' told him that iwanted to gain his trust again but said it in the wrong context. That lead to me receiving a shocking message from my ex due to the misunderstanding saying he felt betrayed as he didn't do anything& if that's how I felt, he will stay away from me as he doesn't want to be know as a not trusting person. I was hysterically crying all day &tried to get hold of him. i posted a hand written letter to his door since it was really important that he knew it was a misunderstanding. He called me later (he was out) & he read out the letter. i broke down telling him what I needed to say about what happened. He said it cleared things up but thinks we should be friends. I accepted &that's it.

As this happened at the beginning of the holiday, I used the rest to focus on myself. I didn't go on social media either. Back to school, we didn't talk to each other. However he'd talk loudly on purpose when was near me about new girls he was getting with, brush past me, throw things to get my attention, laugh loudly, didn't like it if I talked with guys etc. I'd shown no attention if he did these things.
He has gradually stopped doing these things & has been nice & talked to me again. He started playing around with me like he used to & attempt to come close to me. As time has gone on, he has done more of this.
Recently he's been playing around & laughing with me, good conversations, made some contact, has given me looks/smiles that he used to give me & acted like.
Basically what he previously did when we were close & had feelings for each other.
Your thoughts & opinions on this situation? Thank you!
What's going on?
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