Finding a date in Surrey, B. C?

Hello guys, I have made a few topics already about dating in Surrey, B. C.. Well, I have been trying online dating as well, on POF and OkCupid. I have also started trying Zoosk, but for messaging you need the upgraded account, which is about 30 dollars for 1 month. On OkCupid, I send out around 30 messages a day, and only get a couple serious responses a week, but none of these conversations seem to lead anywhere. I have been using OkCupid for about 1 year, with at least 500 messages sent ( to different women of course ) and not 1 date. I think I must be doing something wrong. Also, I try to approach women during the day and start conversations, and after like 5 to 10 min ask for their number, but they either politely decline or say they already have a boyfriend. I have decent hygiene, and shower at least 2-3 times a week, wear cologne, and sometimes hair product like gel or wax. I wear decent clothes, like not ragged or dirty. I also try to approach women with confidence, and talk to them about non personal topics, and occasionally compliment them ( like not too much once or twice max a convo, and not on their weight or other sensitive topics). I'm thinking of moving also since I don't find the people here too upbeat or friendly. What places are decent to live and where the possibility of finding a date might be higher? Thanks for responses, Joseph.
Finding a date in Surrey, B. C?
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