Hiccky solution found?

Guys I found a way to get rid of hiccky overnight
1) take ice in a towel or paper napkin and hold it on the hiccky for like 10 mins.. or till you feel your skin num.
2) now rub that ice gently n then firmly on the spot for like 10 more minutes
3) dry it and apply any peppermint based toothpaste till the skin warms up
4) after you feel that the skin is back to normal
5) take any oil, n massage firmly that spot.
a) first clockwise
b) then anticlockwise
c) then up n down
d) then sideways
repeat this for at least an hour or two.. n make sure that the massage is firm..
e) once done.. apply the toothpaste again.. n go to bed..

next morning you would see no red marks.. all gone.. in just a night
I just got rid of 4 real big ones
Hiccky solution found?
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