What do I do if I don't/never felt loved?

So basically, I realized I'm getting sad if u could say so. Thing is I never had a boyfriend, but that's not really the reason. It's the fact that it's been so long and I not once felt like a guy that I like likes me back. And I know I'm not the ugliest girl, and I would consider myself as a good partner, but for some reason the person never comes. I know I'm young and I have to wait, but it's been so long... plus seeing all of my friends and just people i know my age having at least a thing with someone makes me happy for them, but I really am starting to question if there's something I'm doing wrong.
Just one example besides this whole thing but that kinda contributes to this is that a couple of weeks ago we had a school dance and behind me there were a couple of guys that we know each other just by looks and stuff we don't really talk, and non of them would try to dance. Also at this same dance I saw 2 guys that like I know they think I'm attractive I guess and I think they're attractive too, and we would talk but they wouldn't dance! Like I don't know if they're shy or they felt it was gonna be weird cuz we're friends... I don't know, it lowkey makes me kinda sad.
What do I do if I don't/never felt loved?
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