This girl is being sketchy I don't know what to do?

This girl and I have been talking to each other in and off for the past 4 years. First she had presumably, a huge crush on me (I didn't realise at the time). She'd always be touching my hair, accidently running into me, interrupting my conversations and flirting when I was talking other girls, etc. Anyway, apparently for the first year or so of talking to her she got a boyfriend which I had no idea about until I heard her friend talking to another one of her friends about him. This left me depressed to the point where Id just sleep for 18 hours and not leave my house for weeks. Fast forward a year later, she's still in this relationship, but she comments on a Facebook video of mine and wants to learn what Im doing. I dont offer to teach her (cause she has a boyfriend and thatd be kind of obvious of me trying be with her) cause its a public forum and her boyfriend might see. Another week goes by and she got a new job. She advertised the establishment since its a new place in a small town and 1000 people is pretty decent reach for an ad around here. Anyway, I came to the new place a couple days after it opened and seemed surprised and excited to see me. As per usual she gave me a ton of stuff (menu, coupons, discount, demanded I take a reciept, etc.). Later that day I messaged her and said "thanks for making take that receipt I actually needed it" and we started talking for the next couple hours. That's the last time we talked, but I was wondering if I should still ask her to let me teach her. I know itd give me an opportunity to tell her how I feel, but I don't know if that'd be advisable. I know her boyfriend shouldn't be back from college for at least another week so I won't have to worry about her bringing him along, even though when he's around she usually reluctantly, ignores me cause she's really passive (infp) and is always seemingly "tucking stuff under the rug" so to speak. Is this a horrible idea, or could I pull it off?
This girl is being sketchy I don't know what to do?
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