Will I ever find the right guy?

I've had guys who were interested in me.. but I didn't look at them like that you know? Just wasn't feeling it. Anyways I invested about 6 months of my time into this guy I enjoyed being with.. factor in that he played mind games the whole time.. he never taken me out but always talked about it. I asked "we should hang out sometime" thinking he would pursue the conversation.. then he invites me to a dance and then tells me he has to work it... now he's never made attempts to try and see me.. but he has surprised me out at the dance (square dancing) one time. So, I'm done lol. I just quit talking to him and nope he didn't chase me. Will I ever find a guy that won't fuck around like that? And a guy who will find me the most beautiful in his eyes? :/ I am very shy so it makes it harder for me to make friends and of course talk to men. I rarely ever go out anymore because I'm embarrassed of how I look, because my sister is beautiful whenever we go out she always gets noticed by men. I've been attending this dance for a while and my sister goes out once and gets asked to dance by men... and I never do... :/
Will I ever find the right guy?
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