How to ask a girl on a date?

Whats the best way to ask a girl out on a date? Would you just be like hey what are you doing Saturday, would you like to go to dinner.


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  • that is the most cliche way to do it, I mean you could but in a more creative way would be WAYYYY better. ask her what she would like to do on a date. let her awnser, then ask which she would like to do with you. that was the best experience I had.

    • Unless she is really indecisive or super shy then that idea is shot.

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  • Hello,

    your bast bet is to ask her for her number, if she asks why say becouse you may want to invite her out someday.. if she gives you it then just wait a few days (say 5) then call her ans ask her out for a cup of coffe, if she accepts then keep the date to an hor and do it on somthing like a sunday lunchtime.. that way its not too busy, you can relax and get to know each other over the space of an hour..

    if she says no then she's not interested and you can move onto another girl..


    Good Luck


    • I already know this girl and have her number. Just don't want to sound corny when asking.

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