Should I end this before I get hurt?

Been seeing this 24 yr old since November. (I'm 19) never had a boyfriend before so I think I was naive. Thought he had a cool personality. Wanted to be in relationship, but I told him I wasn't ready because of school and my mom. Plus I was nervous because there are some red flags. Like he forced me to kiss him on our second. Even though I told him I how I felt, I should just ended it there. He met my mom in Feb, and she liked him, but she told me how he seems controlling. We usually see each other once a week due to living in different cities. He told me that he wasn't talking to any other girls because he was waiting for me. Well when we hanged out with my sis, she saw how a girl wanted him to come over. He denied.. but whatever, I pushed that and forgot about it.
Before I didn't like him that much, but as we hang out, I like him more. I wanted to see him this week, but he's stood me up twice. He's been wanting me to go to his apartment, but I don't feel 100% comfortable. We were supposed to see each other today, but he hasn't called me or anything. I'm thinking of telling him that he should just talk to someone else.
I regret because I feel like I trusted too easily/opened myself up. Like he's not a virgin, but I am, and he makes me makeout with him each time we hang out/it gets intense each time.
Sorry this is so long.
Should I end this before I get hurt?
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