Flirty Ways To Touch in public (Non sexual)?

Where are some places I can touch her that won't make her feel uncomfortable and doesn't seem to sexual. It has to be public friendly (So not really inner thigh for example. yes ik that's more sexual, just an example).

I enjoy holding hands. What do you think about wrapping my hand around her back to her waist while sitting in a chair next to me. And if so, where do I put my hand do it's not hanging? do I rest on her hip? or could that feel to sensual.

I want to be fun and playful and flirty. I want to turn her on and feel connected. I just don't want to make her feel uncomfortable by touching her in places she may not like. especially in public.

We haven't been going out to long, and note we are still teenagers. Which is another reason I feel she could get uncomfortable with sensual touches.
Flirty Ways To Touch in public (Non sexual)?
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