What would be the issue of dating someone other race??

I am seeing a girl she is Native and White. We share the values. I wanna find out what might be our issue, what is the pros. and cons?

any ideas or experience?


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  • To me there are no issues in dating someone of another race.

    To me upbringing is far more important - sharing values, opinions (though not necessarily agreeing). Understanding, sense of humour and attraction are important regardless of race.

    I can see no cons in dating someone of a different race. Even if you know people who are against it - that's their racist problem and not yours.


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  • I think if you love someone, race does not matter at all. I have a cousin who married into another race, and she is quite in love with him, however, her father was totally irate! He forbid her to marry him, but then when he was on his death bed, he had a change of heart and called the two of them to come to his bed side and gave him his blessing for them to marry. He had issues because he was half African, and here in America, the African people were treated very poorly for so long, which I am sure you already know. So, he was ashamed of his African heritage most of his life and did not even tell anyone that he was half-African. He was also afraid, I guess of the stigma it might leave for his daughter if she married the African man she was in love with. I guess that, at the end, love conquered all, however!

    • I'm glad her father made his peace with the situation before it was too late

    • Yeah, I just think it's too bad that it had to go that far, know what I mean?!

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