Would it make you uncomfortable to date someone who looks really young?

so basically w/o makeup I look maybe 15 at most. I wear makeup to try and look older so that A) people much younger than me won't hit on me and B) people my age won't think I'm underage. I'm not insecure of my looks w/o makeup, this is actually the only reason I wear it. most of the time when I'm out w friends and I'm not wearing makeup, people think I must be one of my friend's younger sister. and even when I was out w my ex boyfriend people would assume I was his younger sister even though we don't look alike. at work I usually wear makeup if I'm meeting clients so they'll take me seriously. I don't know I just feel like it would be so awkward for other people to date me since I look so young. it was different when I was younger but I'm 21 now. am I freaking out for nothing or is this a real problem?
Yes; it would make me uncomfortable to date someone who looked underage and I wouldn't date them
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Yes; it would make me uncomfortable but I would date them and just ask them do things to look older (ex. makeup, dress more maturely etc.)
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No; it wouldn't make me uncomfortable
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It accidentally put an emoji cause I wrote B ) but without the space 😭😂
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y'all really have no reading comprehension skills at all lmao. in my picture I am wearing a full face of makeup. literally I'm trying to look older in my picture so it's not a great judge of how old I look without it. you're actually encouraging me to wear it more often now because obviously it's the only way I can look my age. or by having my breasts out apparently. (that day I went to a party by the way that's why I was in that dress). So I mean thanks for that I guess...
Would it make you uncomfortable to date someone who looks really young?
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