Casual dating, what is it exactly and is it different for the Ladies?

I'm 18, will be 19 in a few months and think I wanna give casual dating a try but I'm not sure what it is exactly? Is it basically dating multiple people and they are all aware/not aware, or dating someone with no intent to be their gf/bf but you're not with anyone else and neither are they? Or is it something different? Also if it's multiple people is that considered bad or hoe-ish when women do it, if sex is involved?

For me I want to see whoever I want, when I want, and not be their girlfriend unless we establish that's what we both want then of course I'd stop seeing anyone else. However if I am physically/sexually attracted to those I am casually dating I will want to be intimate with them, would that make me a hoe or thot? Because I really don't want that label lol and whoever I wanted to be intimate with I would require them get tested and I would too. However I'm wondering will this (casual dating) effect how someone might view me when I want to get serious and settle down?

Example one: Let's say I'm causally dating/seeing 3 guys at the same time and I decided I wanted to sleep with two, is that okay? and would that consider me a hoe?

Example two: I'm casually dating/seeing 3 guys but I only have sex with one is that okay and not hoeish?

Example three: I'm casually dating/seeing one person but have been in 2 other situations like this, have slept with one, and want to sleep with the current one (so all spread out overtime) is that considered a hoe/thot?

I'd most likely be example three.
Dating multiple people, they're aware, and accepting of it but it's not serious or exclusive
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Dating one person without serious intent but you are somewhat exclusive
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Other, I'll explain
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Casual dating, what is it exactly and is it different for the Ladies?
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