Did I miss my chance with him?

This guy liked me all throughout sophomore year and I met and got close to him during Freshman year. He asked me out on 2 dates in the summer (they were double dates) and i had fun, but i totally didn't feel anything. I had to tell his friend that and ever since we have just been mutuals. I talked to him back in November at a dance and have had little moments sporatically with him this year, but he has a lot of new friends and more girls in his life now. I'm suddenly catching so many feelings for him and when i think about our moments together in soph year my heart flutters. I snapchatted him yesterday to catch up with him and we are still having a bit of small convo today. I am worried he has moved on and has no interest in me but i want to date him so badly. how can i hint to him i like him subtly or whatever? what do i do?
Did I miss my chance with him?
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