Cell Phone/Text Message Scams:(?

I'm 16 and keep getting these text messages from "American National Bank of Texas" and it comes from the number 813-862-0448

It says:

You have received a new American National Bank of Texas notification. Call now free: 813=862-0448 to hear it and claim your 50$ fidelity bonus.

yes the 50 before the $ is intentional it's like that in the text.I have T-Mobile if that matters,and I've been getting them on a daily basis,but my step dad and my mom who barely got the message today and my step dad called and they asked for his pin number and ssn.

What do I do?I'm getting these on a day to day basis and it's obnoxious.I've never signed up for anything,I don't give my number out.Help?


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  • change your number or block it...it's a scam...real banks do not do that


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