Is 2 hours enough for a date?

First date went really well and I didn't hear back from him until a whole week later. He apparently had been busy with finals but wants to see me the day before he leaves for home for the summer. He wanted me to choose an activity for this date, but when I asked him how much time would we have he said "probably two hours" because he has to pack still.

Is he just not interested? I'm overall confused, why would he want to see me in the first place if he's busy? We won't see eachother until fall semester begins in three months and as much as I like this guy, I'm wondering if this date is just futile, especially since there isn't much to do in two hours. I don't know ice cream and a walk around the lake? Hoping for a kiss or make out session :/
Is 2 hours enough for a date?
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