Long Distance Problem how to solve?

This girl I like she also like me we both are doing long distance relationship she lives 10 hours far from me. it has been a week that she told me to do video call but later she said her parents not allowing her to do it. she wants to do quietly also she doesn't want to put Skype on her mobile. she said she may be caught by her parents.. she is really scared of them. she wants to marry me but still, she is not doing video call every time she said she will do video call tomorrow then next day she changes the date.. what should I do with it? she said (i will try to mire than once a week) she is not doing a video call that makes me angry because I want to see her experience that she is a real person. friend what do you think all should have to delete that app where I talk to her or should I have stay and let's try she will do video call on Tuesday as she told me to do as she promises me... what should I do please tell me, friends.
Long Distance Problem how to solve?
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