Was this a good first date or am I mis-reading things?

After a week of talking to a guy via a dating app and then swapping numbers and moving to Whats App, we finally met up yesterday afternoon.

I arranged to meet him in the local city and when he arrived I gave him a hug. He seemed a little nervy and if honest maybe not ok with me hugging him? But I'm a hugger - what can you do! We walked off to find somewhere to go for food and chatted along the way. We went to a local upmarket burger place and there we stayed for 2.5 hours - the conversation flowed and there was a lot of eye contact that was held. I figured these were good signs. We have similar interests and was one of those "where has the time gone?" dates.

He has to work nights from 10pm so at 7pm says he needs to make a move because of work. Perfectly feasible as where he lives is about 30 mins by train and I appreciate he needs to get ready. I walk with him to the train station where we each say it's been fun, nice meeting you etc. and then we... hug. But to me it seemed like he didn't want to hug again.

Now it is coming up to 24 hours since the date and I haven't heard from him. I know I could have texted him to say thanks etc. but I always think if a guy is interested he will be in contact. And now I feel like it's too late and I'll look desperate. In all honesty he was a nice guy but if he wasn't bothered about me I'd rather he say it.

If this is the case how did I mis-read the flowing conversation as a connection?

To be fair there wasn't much touching but we were in booth seating so that made it harder. We did extend the date beyond what it could have been as we ate very slowly as we were chatting so much and took our time having our drinks. There wasn't much talk of future stuff other than "you have to see this movie" or "I'll google the title and send you the link to this amazing show."

Up until this point of meeting, we'd been having decent text conversations but they were never flirty - just very chatty. So maybe he isn't a flirty guy?

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Just to let everyone know I grew a pair and texted him = very casual saying I had fun. How are you? Caught up onthe TV show we were both watching.

He was on his way back to work but texted back and asked questions as well.

Thansk for all the help!
Was this a good first date or am I mis-reading things?
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