I can't tell if I am a game or if they actually like me?

There have been cases at work for me where I have either been played or like the guy generally likes me that is something I can not tell at the moment.

There are these 2 guys at work one who supposedly likes me and the other who acts like he's into me but really enjoys getting attention and my reaction how can I tell which is being serious and which is joking with me.

The furst guy seems to be kind of shy hence why he asked my mate infront of me to ask me what I think of him but yet when it comes to flirting he is very open and actually will flirt with me when he is either around our co workers or customers, Ther also have been times where he does seem to care like when he had a girlfriend and he noticed i was upset its like he paid me more attention and wouldn't give in until he knew what was wrong or just found a way to get us talking again it's just weird plus when he was in a relationship before or if it has ended he'd come to me tell me that him and his girlfriend argue a lot and what if I think they should end. Being the way I am I told him that arguments happen in relationships which is when he laughed it off and said i'm not gonna break up with her it felt as if he wanted me to say yes for the idea of them breaking up plus he told my mate that he finds me cute hmm.

The other guy well he's just comolete the opposite to the first one I told you about he's just rude and cocky and well yer if i talk to the other guy he's just ignorant about it and if i'm not talking to the other guy he tries to make his ove like he compliments me on my work and he told my supervisor that he likes my smile that was just this weekend it happened but at the same time when i asked him out he clearly rejected me infront of everyone hmm.

im very confused about all this cause like i said one i made a move on and he rejected me yet the other likes me just hasn't made a move on me i think it's by time i just move jobs or stop caring what do you all think?
I can't tell if I am a game or if they actually like me?
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