Modern relationship vs. traditional relationship?

Do guys these days want a girl to pay for dates? Or things on dates.
Do you want to be the provider for her?
I'm dating a new guy and I'm not quite sure if I like his style.. he's into this modern deal where I pay for something during a date? I'm quite traditional and believe men should always provide to pay for the dates. Because in my eyes when he wants you to pay for something when together is he's not interested. I dated someone like this before and he wanted
a " equal" type relationship. I think that's crap. I think we should embrace our differences. That's the traditional view. Last night I was talking to him ( new guy) and he said he likes when a woman contributes like him make dinner I clean... in my eyes if I'm coming to your house because you invited me and asked me on a date I am not cleaning your house. Especially early on. Fuck no! I want a man to think I shouldn't lift a finger when I'm with him because he's the hero, protector, provider and I'm the girl whose company he enjoys. I don't think men should get the benefits of wife duties ( cooking, cleaning) until you are actually the wife. Some people may not agree but I'm traditional and I thought most men were still raised that way but shockingly I met one who thinks this " equal" shit is legit. Lol is this just a cover to see what I'll put up with? Do men still want that traditional type dating to marriage relationship? Where they treat you like you are the prize and they want to treat you to everything they can. Because they take pride in taking care of a woman.
Modern relationship vs. traditional relationship?
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