Why doesn't he text or call?

I am talking to this guy we are very close friends can be too close at times, meaning we have sex. He has a girl I have a man. The problem is this minute he would be so missing me and all and another time he acts as if I doesn't even exist. I am the one who is always calling or texting him, we had an argument the other day and honestly I think things have changed. He is just not telling me what the problem is, he is still nice to me at work and always pretending as if we are deeply in love but I don't believe him any more am confused. He is not texting me like he use to and we use to text a lot why?


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  • Sounds like to me his woman is starting to catch on to what you two are up to. He's probably laying low for a while until things smooth over.

    • Kinda figured as he did mentioned that he had to admit to his girl that he likes me and that we kissed.

    • How much do you like him? You think about him a lot? You could always break them up lol That would be too easy and mean to her though...

    • II like him a lot I think about him all the time.......dont wanna break them up tho

  • Guys need their space some time, but if you keep on "texting" him relentlessly, it is very unattractive. Instead, HE should be coming to you! The information you provided still means that you guys have a deep relationship, but this not something to fight or confront because of lack of communication.

    I do not like to use this word, but you're kind of "smothering" him. Let him be, and then he will come to you. It works almost every time, and your situation is no different. I'm not saying NOT to text message, still do, but don't do it 24/7 because that gets old very fast.

    I hope my response helped! Good luck!



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