This girl says she likes me, we kissed for a very short time, then she says she doesn't like kissing?

we're together, and she says she doesn't like kissing, do I kiss her anyway despite the fact she supposedly doesn't like kissing? kinda lost here haha


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  • It sounds like maybe she was uncomfortable with the way you kissed or the way the last boyfriend kissed.

    Try kissing without french kissing her (no tongue!) and see if she likes that any better. Some people like the peck approach while others prefer to be lip locked for hours. Maybe she just hasn't found someone she likes the style of yet.

    • Well all I know is I'm her first serious relationship type thing, she's hooked up with guys before so maybe you're right I don't know haha

    • I don't like french kissing personally. When I'm accepting tongue or using tongue...its because we're getting pretty hot and heavy. When I'm just kissing normally or out in public...I like the softer casual approach.

      Does she wear a lot of lipstick all the time? She might not want to mess that up in public :D

    • Haha I don't know about lip stick, lip gloss maybe?

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  • ive had a girl like that, we actoully banged more times then we kissed, I think it just meens their not to affectionate and uncomfertable with the whole loveydovey kind of relationship