Will he dump me if I confess to dealing with Anxiety?

I've been dating a guy for about 3 months now. I also have Anxiety.

It's something which has always lingered. I am also a natural worrier, but what I thought was just my personality I have learned to identify as Anxiety. I tell myself that the "worrying" isn't my true self; I am normally a happy, funny person when in the right environment but there are days where my thoughts just turn irrational and I overthink shit; the main areas being: trying to not disappoint people, organizing stuff, and also relationships. When I get in this frame of mind, I literally cannot concentrate and it's hard to relax.

There can be triggers: whether it's if he's not reaching to hold my hand whilst walking (we normally do), to me organizing plans with friends and family. I zone out. In the first few months of us dating I was happy and relaxed, but as our relationship became more comfortable and deepened, these demonic thoughts just started to creep in. I know it's not ME. I do not want the anxiety to define me, and I need someone to recognize that.

He already knows I'm a worrier. I told him that on our third date. He's the opposite to me; and he's much more laid-back. We spent a great weekend together last week, but it became less enjoyable for me as I started to think: why isn't he initiated in holding my hand? Why isn't he cuddling me all night long? Have I acted too distant because I've been overthinking shit? This isn't normal and I know relationship has the potential to be something amazing. I'm cautious in revealing this side of myself as I don't want to scare him off, but unfortunately it's something I can't help. I'm dealing with it and I want to tell him because it's part of me. Even though it isn't me.

So yeah. Do you think he will understand and want to still date me? And does anyone else identify with the type of anxiety I've described and if so, how have you dealt with it in a relationship?
Will he dump me if I confess to dealing with Anxiety?
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